Saturday, 16 March 2013

Online money making ideas 2013

Most of them are very skeptical about making money online. Internet has given many opportunities to an individual to earn online. This method has become a major source of income for many people. If we have a positive approach and dedication definitely we can earn handsome money through internet. In this article I will be sharing some of the money making ideas through which an individual will be successful in the internet business.

1. Affiliate marketing : Affiliate marketing has become one of the main source of income for many Bloggers. Most of the online shopping portals are having an affiliate program. A blogger can signup to these portals and earn a percentage of income on every sale. For Indian bloggers some of the affiliate networks are, shoogloo network etc.

2. Advertising : Most of the bloggers believe that advertising is one of the key element to earn the revenue from their blog.There are many successful bloggers who are earning thousands of dollars through advertisng. Some of the leading ad networks to be named are Google Adsense program, Chitika, Clicksor, Bidvertiser etc.

3. Intext Advertising : This is one of the method of increasing the Blog revenue by placing the intext advertising in an article. To name few of the leaders industry, kontera etc. This type of advertising will work for the bloggers who has a passion for writing blogposts or artciles.

4. E-book : Writing an ebook and selling these ebooks have really worked for many . We can write an e-book on various topics of our choice and can be sold for as low as 0.50 cents to even few dollars. We can make a decent money by selling the ebooks.

5. Articles : If you are a professional and have good writing skills one can write blog posts on topics of their interest and sell the same articles to various websites. You can also write articles as a guest and earn money for the same.